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Hope on the doorstep

Sharing the good news of Jesus through a Jubilee street party!


Across the country, Christians responded creatively to the opportunity to use the Platinum Jubilee to talk about the Queen’s faith in God.

In Exmouth in Devon, when William Townsend and his wife moved to their cul-de-sac 12 years ago, he arranged a street gathering to sing Christmas carols under the oak tree just along his street. He’s since found himself drawn into arranging street parties for various occasions – with the latest one, in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, being the biggest so far. People of all ages gathered to enjoy a shared lunch, toast the Queen and sing the national anthem together.

In partnership with his church, Exmouth Road Chapel, William put a copy of ‘Our Faithful Queen’ through the door of every house on his cul-de-sac. He received great feedback from this, including the comment, ‘I’ve already read it right through and fully enjoyed it’. William’s hope and prayer is that everyone in the cul-de-sac would read the book and ‘be touched not only by the Queen’s faith, but by the hand of God, too.’

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